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Are you hiding out the recession?


With Twitter the current hot digital site and loads of agencies/pundits writing and blogging about its benefits you could be forgiven for thinking that there was little else of importance to online success.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. On the ground, client after client wants to talk about search engines, SEO or Google Adwords. Why? Well it should be obvious. The current economic climate is having an impact on businesses and with online channels continuing to perform well, many organisations are re-evaluating their digital marketing/website presence. It’s an area that clients in retail, leisure, automotive and e-commerce are asking for advice on.

Many are now concerned by their visibility to prospective customers/clients.  Businesses that previously saw online as an adjunct to other communications activity are waking up to the fact that online they’re virtually hiding out the recession, invisible to those searching for products and services that they offer.

These same clients also recognise another fundamental challenge. Failing to act now to improve visibility will have significant consequences when the economy starts to grow again. Put simply, being invisible when volumes are down is one thing. If the situation stays the same many businesses will be missing out in a growing market.

Search engine marketing isn’t a one off activity. It requires constant attention and tinkering. It should start with an audit of where you are, what are they key phrases consumers are using and how well are you ranking. And does your site add value to visitors using those terms? Has it been built with optimisation in mind? What can you do in the short, medium and long term? How are you going to grow links and drive coverage on social media sites? It’s also vital to ensure that your paid and natural search are properly co-ordinated. Increasingly, you also need to think about online PR and how that can benefit SEO.

So don’t bury your head in the sand. Face the challenges of search engine marketing head on. It isn’t a black art. It is time consuming (especially at the start) but once you start you quickly see improvements in your rankings. Very soon you can also see the benefit on the bottom line (more footfall, more test drives, more sales!). And with Google the start point for the majority of searches there’s simply no excuse. Social media, affiliates, viral, email, etc all have a place in the online mix.

But search is where it’s at the moment.

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  1. 12/05/2009 3:17 pm

    Search is where it is at, yeah social sites like twitter are the buzz these days.

    However utilising a search strategy will as you rightly point out “you can also see the benefit on the bottom line (more footfall, more test drives, more sales!).”

    Couldnt agree more, great article.

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